Wall Master LLC’s Deck Staining

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Is your deck looking worse from wear ? Are there splinters and loose nails ruining everyone’s barbeque? As a homeowner, you want to be proud of your investment and be able to use it as much as possible. A full-fledged renovation is costly and time consuming.

Why not call Wall Master LLC for your deck staining needs? We’ll be honest, if your deck is structurally unsound, there won’t be much we can do. But, if your deck is looking slightly off-color or worn out, we can help! The cost to stain a deck is way less than the cost of a renovation.

Wooden decks are highly susceptible to the elements. A proper deck stain and sealer ensures that your wooden decks are protected from even the nastiest of weather. Solid, semi-transparent or translucent deck stain can protect your deck for many years when maintained properly. Call Wall Master LLC to arrange for a proper assessment and an accurate estimate to treat your deck.

Deck Stain = Long-Lasting Deck

Ever noticed that an untreated deck just looks wonky? The wood is often pale and life-less, warped in some places, and generally looks sad. Wall Master LLC has been trained in the proper prep and application of Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Exterior Stains. If you want your deck to last, you should absolutely stain and seal it. Deck staining increases the lifespan of your deck. Untreated and neglected decks have a short lifespan before they’ll need massive renovations. If you’re planning to enjoy your deck for more many years, why not hire our professionals to stain your deck?

A stained deck that is properly maintained and routinely re-coated can last a lifetime and we have stained many decks in the area over the years. Let our experience work for you.

It's All About The Prep

Like all projects the coating is only as good as the prep. When you hire Wall Master LLC, to stain your deck we do not show up with a pressure washer and blast all the dirt and grime off the deck, we apply a cleaner and scrub the deck with brushes then rinse with a pressure washer at the lowest effective pressure needed. This is the most effective way to clean a deck with the least amount of damage to the wood.

When the wood dries WE SAND !

If the current coating is intact we perform a light sanding so the surface will properly receive the new stain coating. If the current coating is deteriorated or you want to change the type or product line we will sand to bare wood to remove all the failing coating and damaged wood fibers so the new stain coating will have good wood to penetrate into.

During the sanding phase we use Festool vacuum sanders. Considered some the best tools in the business they do a very efficient and clean job, helping to ensure a long lasting quality deck staining job.

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Decks are the centerpiece of your backyard. Since your deck is outdoors, the weather can be hard on the wooden surfaces. Not only do Wall Master LLC’s decking treatments improve the life of your deck, but our many deck paint options can make your deck look better than ever!

Click our online link to fill out our form for a free estimate or call one of our representatives today! For the best deck staining solutions, trust the pros at Wall Master LLC!