Choosing Paint Colors with Wall Master LLC

Wall Master LLC Can Help with Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

At Wall Master LLC, we provide paint color consultation. If you are unsure of what colors to pick for your painting needs, think of some of your favorite color schemes and combinations. Use anything that might inspire you—a piece of art, a magazine cover, photographs, clothing design—inspiration can come from anything! We can review your choices and preferences together through our in-person consultation. Let us find a common color theme together and let us get started on your home painting project—call us today.

Painting Ideas to Inspire You

You might think of your neighbor’s house or a house that you’ve seen in your favorite television show. Take note of how the colors of the space flow from one room to another. Think about the role a color has in the design of a room. There’s nothing worse than re-painting your room with a beautiful interior paint color only to have it clash with your existing feature. Color choice is a matter of balancing Hue, Chroma and Tone to achieve a harmonious result. Having a thorough understanding of color theory we can help most anyone with their color choices.

Wall Master LLC : Wall Painting Ideas for Your Home

At Wall Master LLC, we are experienced at helping customers selecting the right colors and tones for your home. When you come to us with your initial idea, we listen to you, to understand your likes/dislikes, understand how colors effect you and to effetely use color or colors in YOUR home.

During the initial consultation we bring paint color fan decks with us to give you a better idea what a color will look like so you can see how it reacts with the lighting and other objects in the space. If at the end of that consultation you are still unsure you will have enough knowledge to get paint samples to try on your walls to aid in the color decision. For a fee we can come back to perform this service.

A word of caution when looking at known colors on screens, in print, in photographs, They Are Always Off, use them only as a guide, never as the deciding factor. Nothing replaces the actual painted color on your walls. Invest in the color samples and apply them to the different surfaces and look at them in the different light. Color appears differently as the light changes, natural and artificial, sunny and cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent and LED.

The Nature of Color is the Nature of Light.

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