Faux Finishes in Fairfax

Our professional painters will provide you with trendy, fantastic faux finish painting techniques that will transform your space. We know how important the interior is to your home, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep your walls looking their best. We strive to provide the highest quality faux finish painting possible in the Fairfax region. At Wall Master LLC, our faux finishing techniques create stunning transformations.

Faux finishes are a popular interior design technique––it is trendy and cost-effective. This technique is often used to mimic materials, textures and shines, such as wood, marble and fabric. The results of our work always impress our clients and the finishing look is realistic.

Our team of faux finishing experts can help you choose the right finish for your walls. We have the knowledge and an artist’s eye for selecting the best technique for your walls and which complement your home’s interior. Some techniques we offer are:

  • Venetian Plaster Faux Finish
  • Sandstone Faux Finish
  • Marble Faux Finish
  • Granite Faux Finish
  • Antiquing Technique
  • Stenciling Technique
  • Wood Graining Technique
  • …and more!

Want to add the warmth of brick walls to your kitchen? Or marble in in your bathroom? Or the textured softness of suede in your bedroom? The expertise of our faux finishing painters here at Wall Master LLC will give you these and many other finishes you are looking for in your home.

Do not replace old wallpaper or paint over old paint to enhance the beauty of your home. Faux finishes are relatively inexpensive compared to the expense of major renovations. With the use of artistic painting techniques and the applications to create unique faux finishes, our dedicated painters at Wall Master LLC will transform your walls, ceilings or furniture to create the results you are looking for.

Trusted Faux Finish Services in Fairfax

When creating faux finishes, our painters take great pride in their technical and creative skills and in their commitment to providing visually stunning results in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Whether your vision is to transform a large or small space, to restore or create a new look, to create an abstract effect or to even have a beautiful mural painted, our dedicated team at Wall Master LLC will suit all your tastes in faux finishing painting.

Through our use of innovative materials and artistic techniques we are the wonderful new standard of beauty. Our incomparable effects will create movement, dimension and new color relationships.

Faux finishing enables limitless alternatives to traditional flat paint. There is absolutely no need to hang on to those boring white walls. No surface is resistant from the application of a faux finish; from walls, ceilings, cabinetry, floors––to any surface you wish! Wall Master LLC can create any style faux finish, from the very simple and subtle to the more ornate.

Contact Wall Master LLC’s Faux Finishing Specialists

Call (703) 474-4442 today to discuss your faux finish projects. Our finishing project will replicate the amount of work and time we have put into it––and you deserve nothing less. A member of our team will gladly provide you with a free estimate and a fully detailed plan.