Decorative Painting in Ashburn

You know the expression ‘fake it till you make it’? That could be the slogan for the enormously hot wave of decorative painting in interior design and home décor.  Achieve the look of the most expensive home design materials on a more shoestring budget. Faux marble painting barely puts a dent in the wallet for an end result that can pass as the real thing. No surprise that decorative painting is also known as faux finishing.

Specialty paints and technique are the reason a wide array of faux finishes is possible in every area of your home.  Wall Master LLC’s crew of professional painters are very talented in custom painting. We have turned many rooms in Ashburn into unique works of art!  We hope your home is next. Call us to discuss our range of decorative painting textures and materials.

Wall Master LLC’s Custom Home Painting

We can’t wait to hear what you’d like to see in your home.  We can achieve a range of techniques and patterns for your home, such as the appearance of a stone hearth around your fireplace or the illusion of exotic wood walls in your basement. We can even transform a kitchen countertop to look like Carrera marble. The possibilities are limitless no matter what room you have in mind! Decorative painting by Wall Master LLC will not disappoint the eye or the wallet.  Want expensive looks with clearance pricing? Look no further. We are the team for quality painted finishes. 

Faux Painting Techniques for Ashburn

We offer several different faux techniques for your home. We only use top of the line paints when working on your home.

Color Washing: This technique creates the effect of a single color faded lighter toward the center using different paints and clear glazing. 

Sponging: Especially impressive with metallic paint and patinas, the effect is spotty, and provides a soft textured look. 

Rag Rolling: The easiest way to replicate leather in your home!

Marbleizing: One of the most popular faux techniques complete with veining!  We have enjoyed using it to showcase fireplaces, kitchen counters and walls.

Faux Granite: Also popular in kitchens, we recreate the look of granite with sponges and glazes.  This stone can occur in a number of colors and patterns making it a versatile faux choice.

Strié: Think linen. Think denim. Think corduroy. Think of these fabrics covering the walls in a bedroom for a warm, cozy effect. 

Wood Graining: Wood may not be in your budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the look.

While its true many of these looks can be found on modern wallpapers, there is a major advantage when you opt for decorative painting.  Should you grow tired of your customized look in faux paint, all that’s needed is yet more paint. Should you grow tired of wallpaper you’re looking at a major project in removing it!  Faux finishes win.

The Best Residential Faux Finishing and Painting

There’s an impressive list of looks we replicate with paint. Our work is so convincing it will blow your mind-but not your budget! We are the leading faux painting artists in the area to create the design of your dreams. Give us a call at (703) 474-4442.