Deck Staining in Fairfax

In Fairfax, there’s only one trusted name for the best and environmentally friendly deck staining services, and that is Wall Master LLC. We use industry leading methods and proven paint and stain products on every single project. Our deck staining solutions are long lasting and ecologically safe. By choosing us for your deck refinishing, you can guarantee the most professional deck staining job at an affordable cost.

Deck Staining Is What We Do Best

We’ve seen every kind of deck problem imaginable. From weather damage to oil and grease stains, there’s no challenge we can’t manage. Wooden decks have rails, steps, floors, boards, posts, benches, and more. These all come in different shapes and sizes, all with various issues. Our deck stain and sealer can guarantee the longevity of all wooden components of your deck. Decking treatment is an important way to ensure that your backyard investment is always looking its best.

Decks are the centerpiece of the backyard and an essential part of your home life. Since your deck is outdoors, the weather can be hard on the wooden surfaces. It is very important for the life of your deck that you place a wood deck sealer. Not only do Wall Master LLC’s decking treatments improve the life of your deck, but our many deck paint options can make your deck look better than ever! We can add quality of life and incredible beauty to your backyard deck. We choose the right products and in the hands of our trained professionals, you can rest assured your deck will be successfully refinished every time!

Deck Staining for Your Fairfax Home

Maintaining wooden deck stain is critical to keeping your expensive deck in good shape for many years to come. Not only will a deck stain and sealer add beauty to your deck, it can also:

  • Prevents splinters
  • Protects wood from damage
  • Prevents splitting and cracking
  • Provides a rustic, natural finish

At Wall Master LLC, we use a variety of methods and techniques. Selecting the right product for your deck is important. We’re fully insured and only use certified industry techniques and environmentally friendly products. Stains come in two types: solid and semi-transparent. They both have the same benefits and deck protection ratings, so it’s a matter of personal choice. You can choose from a variety of stains and colors, such as cedar deck stain or maple deck stain.

Solid stains are opaque and can be applied over semi-transparent deck stain. Solid stains don’t show off the wood grain, so if you are looking for a rustic feel, semi-transparent deck stains are a better choice for you.

Semi-transparent deck stain is a little more finicky to apply but offers the same benefits as solid deck stain. Semi-transparent deck stain cannot be applied over solid stains, so keep that in mind when deciding what to choose.

Wall Master LLC: Your Leading Deck Staining Professionals

Contact us today for a free estimate! We can guarantee that we are the most professional deck staining service near you!