Fence Painting in Chantilly

Your wood fence was a worthwhile property investment. Fences are multi-functional, providing privacy, safety, security, curb appeal and boundaries between your home and the neighbors or the street. The beautiful grand stature of a wood fence is unparalleled by fencing in other materials because wood melds so well outside in nature. It is well established that unfinished wood will damage quickly.

Your once secure and fantastic investment will be washed away as it deteriorates. It will no longer be able to provide most of the functions it was initially installed for. You’ll want to secure your investment and give that fence as long a life as possible while looking as new as possible. To do that, Wall Master LLC recommends fence stain or fence paint.

Contact us today and let us begin transforming your outdoor space with our fence staining services.

Wall Master LLC Fence Stain for Longevity

Whether your fence is old and in need of reviving or is brand-new and in need of preservation, Wall Master LLC will treat it right.  We will make that wood fence a thing of grandeur when we bring out the wood’s natural grain with fence stain. We treat with only the best fence stains. They protect your fence from damage from water, UV rays from the sun, and insect infestation. This further prevents against mold, mildew, rot, fading and splitting. Stain leaves your fence to do its job for many years to come. 

Benefits of Wood Fence Stain

Protect your investment with a staining treatment. A stained fence will increase your curb appeal and adds value to your property. Fence stain sinks deep into the wood and increases its lifespan. Our stain materials protect your fence from all four seasons and pests. Our stains come in three different application coats, such as semi-transparent, solid colors and transparent shades. We have a range of full solid color stains from dark brown to redwood.

Many of our Chantilly clients have opted for semi-transparent stain in their backyards. It allows the wood grain to shine with all the protection of its cousin, solid color stain. Solid color stain is opaque and comes in a myriad of color choices.

Affordable Fence Paint in Chantilly

If you’re looking to paint or have your fence repainted, Wall Master LLC has you covered. Our outdoor fence paint will leave your wood fence in the same protected condition as stain. You know its time to repaint if the old paint is chipped, peeling or worn away in spots exposing raw wood. Left in this condition, your fence is vulnerable. Staining a previously painted fence is not an option, but changing the color is possible.

Time to Call the Fence Staining Professionals

Our services always include the full preparation of your fence before the staining or painting process begins. We will clean, fill holes and sand. Those giant spider webs and their tenants don’t stand a chance against us! During the application we will protect the area around the fence from drips or splatter. When we are done with your fence, we will provide a full cleanup. We will only leave behind a beautiful, new looking, stronger, safer fence. Reach us at (703) 474-4442.