Fence Painting in Ashburn

Invest in Wood Fence Staining with Wall Master LLC

When a wood fence is cared for it’s a thing of beauty as well as convenience and home security.  When it isn’t it can deteriorate into rickety rotted shambles that no longer serve any purpose. We want our fences to stand strong and keep our pets and kids in, and neighborhood wanderers out.  We want the privacy they give our backyards and we want those backyards to be welcoming, enjoyable and beautiful. After all, a proud well-maintained home always has a fence stained to look rich, vibrant and brand-new in our mind’s eye. We never imagine an estate home with an unfinished wood fence! An old rickety fence brings to mind an old rickety house. Call us now to transform your outdoor space with our fence services.

The Best Fence Stain for Proper Maintenance

A wood fence is an investment and staining it protects that investment. Fence stain will sink deep into the wood to prevent it from absorbing water as well as protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When wood fencing is left unfinished it will soak up rain. Wood rot is surely in its future, weakening the wood to the point of splitting. When left to the sun’s mercy it’s a safe bet it’ll quickly look dull, faded and old.

Unfinished wood is considered a delicacy among insects like termites and wasps. A stained fence can withstand all four seasons, pests, and will look better too. Stain can bring out the beauty of the wood’s natural grain while giving it some shine and a faint tint.  Remember, a prettier fence means better curb appeal which adds up to greater value on your home. Once Wall Master LLC treats your fence with the best fence stains it will stand the test of time, look great, and make the home within its borders appear loved.

Choose Wall Master LLC To Apply Wood Fence Paint

For some, fence paint is an intriguing option. A painted fence can make it blend into the scenery when painted to match its environment. If your fence was previously painted and is chipped, peeling or worn your only option is to re-paint. Luckily, our quality fence paints provide the same sealing protection as stains. Paint keeps the wood equally safe from water, UV rays and insects.

Whatever you decide to apply to your fence, having Wall Master LLC do it is your best option yet. We show up bright and early and bring everything needed to get the job done in full. We have all the right equipment and materials to get the job done right. We show up on-site to your home with everything needed to avoid delays or extra costs. We’ll handle all the prep work like washing and sanding, as well as the full clean up. 

Call for Outdoor Fence Stain and Paint In Ashburn

Put that fence (and trellis) in the hands of people who know exactly what to do and how to do it! For fence stain and paint, choose Wall Master LLC. Call (703) 474-4442 today!